"World of Dried Tomatoes"



Kareks Ltd. Sti. was established in 1996 to process, pack and export select quality dried fruits and vegetables. In recent years we specialised in Dried Tomatoes, both Sun Dried and Semi (Oven) - Dried Tomatoes.


To meet our customers quality demands, the selection of excellent produce from regions offering suitable climatic and environmental conditions, and fertile pasture are crucial. Kareks' own farm in Manisa Region grows 100% of its needs for Semi-Dried Tomato and about 40% of its Sun-Dried needs. The remaining volumes are sourced on project-to-project basis under strict arrangements with contracted farmers providing efficient sewing and harvesting equipment and using Kareks-selected quality seed and fertilizer.

Employment of agronomic expertise has also been crucial to our success, allowing us to set specific Kareks standards for growing, harvesting, packing, transport and in-house cold storage.


In the factory  Kareks' machinery, conveyor belts, selection tables and other equipment are all made from stainless steel.

Once processed, all products are passed through metal detection.


In the  laboratory quality control, hygiene and microbiology are monitored in accordance with HACCP standards which is part of Kareks BRC accreditation (certified by SGS). Kareks  is also Kosher certified from Star-K USA (


Finally, it is the customer who is most important.

Every year we are developing new finished Tomato products for our established export markets in USA, Australia, Canada, EU countries.

We listen to customers and produce accurately to their demands and deliver what we promise through our state of the art,

BRC certified processing facilities.


For excellence in quality and service, come to our "World of Dried Tomatoes".

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